Rail freight transportation

Transportation by rail

Rail freight transportation is the most inexpensive and safe type of transportation. This type of delivery has a number of advantages over air delivery, transportation by sea, and even road haulage. Railway rolling stock is essentially independent of weather conditions, moves fast and allows us to calculate the cost of services to comply with customer’s demand for each specific delivery. Today, rail transportation occupies an important niche in the field of transportation of goods and cargo. Almost unlimited possibilities regarding the expected volume of shipment, as well as an extensive network of roads, allow us to fulfill even the most complicated order. The regularity of rail transport services shall also be noted as one of the advantages of transportation by rail. Almost any type of cargo – from bulk materials to food – can be transported by rail. Modern refrigerated wagons permit to preserve the quality of perishable products and save money. The cost of rail transportation is relatively low due to high cargo-carrying capacity.

Rail freight transportation

Our fast-growing company provides rail freight transportation by rail cars, special rolling stocks and containers, and provides services on transportation of oversized cargo from different cities of Ukraine. We also provide services on cargo insurance, organization of loading/discharging and securing, document control at border and other stations. Loading/discharging is made in accordance with current safety standards; we provide full control of transshipment of cargo even at border stations. We also offer our clients who value mobility and security, the provision of the most advanced and reliable service on combined (intermodal) transportation.

Our company has a wealth of experience of rail freight transportation within the territory of Ukraine, the countries of Europe, CIS, Middle East and Central Asia. Our services are notable for reasonable prices and high reliability, and it can be confirmed by our regular customers. The secret of our success lies in the individual approach to each client, as well as in the development of optimal decision technologies.

Rail freight transportation within Ukraine

Our team tries to use the opportunities provided by modern railway transport to the maximum extent practicable in order to meet all the possible and impossible demands of a customer, forming a differentiated approach to each client. We can always provide professional advice regarding the selection of the most reasonable route for rail transportation within Ukraine and international rail freight transportation, and calculate the cost, taking into account an expected expense portion, in order to provide a customer with a comprehensive picture of price formation.

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