Freight transportation

Our company does everything possible to meet the high-demand requests in the field of transportation services. That is why we have defined three main business areas of our company, namely:

– rail freight transportation;

– transportation by sea and multimodal transportation;

– freight forwarding.

 Oversized cargo transportation

Rail freight transportation is one of the cheapest and safest modes of cargo transportation. This type of cargo transportation, especially if it is a long-distance carriage, is much cheaper than transportation by air and, sometimes, transportation by sea. Occasionally, the cost may be even lower than the cost of road carriage. In this particular case there is a direct dependence of the cost on remoteness of endpoint of destination and the quantity of outgoing cargo. A significant advantage of the rail transportation is the near absence of delays. A wide range of freight cars allows us to transport almost all types of cargo. As can be seen from the above, this type of transportation is the best option for delivery of oversized and other types of cargo across Ukraine. We provide transportation to Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, as well as to other points at customer’s request.


Container transportation by sea – is one of the most advantageous and popular means of cargo delivery. Maritime shipping plays a key role in the global economy, occupying a central position in the unified system of global transportation. This type of transportation has become reasonably popular due to a number of advantages such as cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental friendliness. Many consignors prefer this type of transportation (even though it is not the fastest) first of all because of a low cost-price. Furthermore, during such transportation the multimodal transportation schemes may be used, which in its turn allows combining air, sea, road or rail transport. Sometimes, considering the geographical features of a counterparty, multimodality is not only a profitable and advantageous type of transportation, but often – the only possible.


Freight forwarding – a series of actions aimed at the most advantageous execution of delivery of goods, taking into account the peculiarities of each specific delivery. Freight forwarding services provided in professional way are often a key factor in the organization of business processes between a consignor and a consignee. That is why each logistics company provides freight forwarding services, which allows controlling the whole process of delivery of cargo from a manufacturer/consignor to buyer/consignee.

Transportation of cargo across Ukraine

Our team of professionals is always ready to provide comprehensive information to our customers. We have the necessary experience and qualification in transportation of cargo within the shortest possible time and at minimum cost in order to meet the requirements of our customers. Regions of cargo transportation in Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk.

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