Cargo classification

To find out what is the best and least problematic way to transport your cargo, we recommend you to indentify its type first. Cargo is classified according to various criteria. For example, according to its belonging to particular industry sector or its purpose: raw materials or finished products, fuels, household products, home appliances, perishable and dangerous goods, etc.

Cargo is also sorted by type of rolling stock (road, rail, sea or air transport) and by such characteristics as quantity, dimensions, bulkiness, etc. One and the same load can be attributed to different categories depending on which characteristic has been selected main. The definition of class of a cargo to be transported by freight forwarding company is required for the proper organization of the transportation process.

Cargo classification

Perishable goods. Perishable goods are products that need to be stored and transported, taking into consideration time and temperature conditions. They are divided into several groups:

  • plant products: fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, etc;
  • products of animal origin: meat, poultry, fish, caviar, milk, eggs, etc;
  • products: dairy products, fats, various frozen fruits, sausages and other meat products, cheese, etc;
  • live plants: transplanted plants, flowers, etc.

There are quite strict requirements to the transportation of such goods, the main of which is obligatory adherence to the temperature conditions. The perishable goods are usually transported in a special refrigerated body or insulated truck. The temperature in refrigerated body can be adjusted. An insulated truck works on the principle of a thermos and retains the desired temperature for a long time.

Live cargo. Live cargo it is mainly cattle, all kinds of poultry and other live-stock animals. In addition, people sometimes travel with their pets (dogs, cats), which also represent a live cargo for transportation companies.

Valuable cargo. Transportation of valuable goods requires special security measures. Such transportation shall be performed by specialized armored transport and accompanied by professionals who are authorized to carry firearms.

Services in transportation of valuable cargo are usually provided by specialized companies that provide security escorting of goods in transit. This transportation is performed by customary transport companies as well. However, it’s more convenient to order the whole range of services to be provided by one company – should any damage occur, all damage shall be paid for in full by one company.

Bulk cargo. Bulk cargo – sand, expanded clay, grain, mineral fertilizers in granules, broken stone, etc. In order to prevent spillage, cargo to be transported in bulk shall not overlap the upper edges of rolling stock. In addition, the open body of transport equipment, in which cargo is transported, shall be covered with a special coating or tarpaulin. The automotive container transportation of bulk cargo in bulk is prohibited.

A lot of problems associated with losses on the stage of “loading – unloading”, emerge during transportation of bulk cargo. That is why for the transportation of bulk cargo it is better to use various specialized means, such as rail containers. In this case, the transportation of bulk cargo can be easily performed in accordance with the rules and regulations.

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