Delivery regions

Delivery of cargo to Ukraine

Due to advantageous geographical location of Ukraine (being in the heart of Europe, as well as having its own access to the sea), Ukraine is the link between European and Asian countries. About 25% of transport operations between Europe and Asia are performed through Ukraine. Naturally, this process of transportation of goods in transit across Ukraine has its peculiarities, knowledge of which is one of the main indicators of qualification of company providing transportation and logistics services, which in its turn is the key to the successful organization of transport operations and smooth business process for participants of sending/receiving of goods.
Delivery of cargo from USA

Our company provides fast and guaranteed delivery of cargo within the regions of Ukraine and to Europe, Asia and CIS countries. In case your supplier or customer is a partner from the USA, we will easily perform container transportation even from such a distant point.
The delivery of goods within one country, for example – to any region of Ukraine, is cost-neutral. This kind of delivery is usually performed by one company that provides short-term or long-term storage of cargo, cargo handling and deals with all questions raised.
The geography of delivery by our company is wide enough, as it was mentioned above. Nevertheless our experts are constantly working on the development of new directions and routes. The important point is not only the spectrum of regions, but also the quality of services offered in these regions. That is why we are open to your suggestions and are ready to negotiate unbeaten tracks and paths. Each new direction, as well as the opening of a new region, is a new round in the development of both our company and the transport logistics of the country in general.

We will be happy if we can make organization of your business process more effective. Professional team of our company will give you professional advice concerning a region of delivery you are interested in, whether in Ukraine or abroad.
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