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Freight transportation

Freight forwarding company Logistic Technologies LLC provides a full range of freight transportation services (export, import, transit, transportation within CIS countries and Europe, container transportation, transportation via sea ports of Ukraine) by rail and sea transport within agreed time frame. Our company provides freight forwarding services in transit of bulk, unit, dangerous, liquid, heavy, oversized, long and other types of cargo in covered and open wagons, platforms, tank-cars, transporter wagons and other types of rolling stock; at customer’s request our company may serve as consignor (consignee) of a cargo on all railways of Ukraine and provide the following services:

  • calculation of the cost of transportation;
  • planning of rail transportation of cargo in CIS countries and Europe;
  • provision of rolling stock;
  • calculation and drawing of schemes (drawings) of cargo securing on rolling stock and coordination of such schemes with transport authorities;
  • organization of cargo loading;
  • execution of accompanying documents, relevant certificates and licenses;
  • tracking of cargo and provision of information to customer;
  • cargo insurance;
  • protection of cargo in transit.

The company has its representatives in various regions of Ukraine and abroad. Logistic Technologies LLC has been on the freight transportation market since 2002, is accredited on all railways of “Ukrzaliznytsia” and has reliable partners in CIS countries and Europe.

Freight forwarding company – is a member of logistics market, providing services on transportation of goods, both domestically and abroad, with execution of all necessary documents, including customs formalities, if necessary. Freight forwarding company is logistics provider.

Transportation services may be provided using both own and hired transport.

Freight forwarding company provides the following services:

  • organization and transportation of export, import, transit or other cargo
  • execution of agreements on freight forwarding
  • monitoring of performance of agreements

Legal regulation:

LAW OF UKRAINE “On freight forwarding activities

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