Logistic Technologies - a professional cargo transportation

Modern information systems have made our world very closely. With the speed of light information flies the globe in a few seconds. And that the modern world poses new requirements to the movement of not only virtual, but also quite tangible things, who have very real physical characteristics such as weight, volume, and others. Freight forwarding companies have accepted this challenge and are successfully operating in the field of movement of necessary and useful goods, supplying materials - producers, goods - consumers, catching up on his speed sound and light, combining time and space, and operate at the same time a whole series of requirements, optimizing the process and satisfying the most demanding customers.

Freight Forwarding Company, its goals and objectives

Freight forwarding company - is mainly an intermediary organization in the field of transport from the sender (the client) to the recipient.

Main duties:

• Pick up and work out the best route and means of transport; • Prepare and sign a contract of carriage of goods; • Ensure sending and receiving goods; • Inform the client to the stage of advancement of its cargo.

Conditional additional and much needed duties:

• Obtaining the necessary export-import documents; • Customs and brokerage; • Payment of fees and charges, insurance; • Sorting and labeling of goods • Warehousing / storage of the goods, as appropriate; • And many more due to the contract. Relationship freight forwarding clearly regulated by the Ukrainian legislation, in particular Sec. 65 of the Civil Code, Art. 316 HC, special normative act are different laws about the delivery and transport of goods, transport codes and statutes that are obliged to take into account any professional Trucking Company. Powerful transportation companies for freight work today in almost all regions of Ukraine, but the leader, of course, Kiev. And holding "Logistic Technologies' leading position among the leaders. Transport logistics company - this is the same company or forwarding company cargo carrier, but on the new top-level services. The main idea of ​​the logistics company "Logistic Technologies" - the organization and the formation of a reliable movement of goods and information in a single transport process, in other words - from a representative to the recipient.  The basic principles and the nature of the right logistical approach in favor of combining logistics and correct information supply, transport, warehouses and other logistics facilities, providing accurate information about the local moving inventory items into a single system that at times increases the efficiency individually work in these areas, and co-coordinated work. The competence and professionalism of our company guarantees the quality and timeliness of transportation of goods. Our client can always see this, and many of them having worked with us for the first time, come back and become regular customers. Many transport companies of Ukraine set themselves for a preventive purpose to get into the international market of this kind of activity, including the difficult market of the former Soviet Union and Europe. As they grow, we are also able to obtain Emeritus status - international transport company.

At this level, the freight forwarder has to navigate and to know:

• Laws, regulations, modern real legal framework and complement their country related to the legitimate transport and freight forwarding activities; • International constitutive conventions, protocols and agreements of transport; • tangible methods to optimize transportation and technological schemes of timely delivery of goods, with a clear use of logistics systems, developments; • organization of transport efficient infrastructure (opportunities for the transit and transportation of cargoes) operating real examples of the clever use of traffic and terminal fixed conditions; • organization of an established technology and freight forwarding services; respective rolling certain types of transport; • guided in their characteristics in other countries possess a wealth of experience, working with great responsibility and dedication.

All of the above qualities are our representatives, drivers, logisticians and forwarders. Freight forwarding company «Logistic Technologies" - always fast, clearly, responsibly!